Corona del Mar Swim - January 26, 2013

It was a rainy, foggy Saturday morning swim at Corona del Mar today. It is not easy to navigate above water, but clarity underwater was pretty good. The water temperature was a few degrees warmer than it has been of late. I spotted what looked like a drawstring floating a few feet below the surface on our way to Turnaround Rock. Oscar came up and grabbed it and it stung him. When he pulled it out of the water it looked like a string of pearls, though it didn't look like that under the water. As best I can tell it was a pelagic siphonophore chain, possibly Apolemia. Bill touched it too, but only briefly. The stinging plankton was out in force today because we all felt some tiny stings on our faces as well. We swam through the arch with a moderate swell and an audience of three kayakers. A seal greeted us when we looped back around. All in all a fairly social swim. By the time we got to Bruegger's for a bagel Oscar's hand was oozing a bit. He said it wasn't as painful as the stingray sting from a few weeks ago, but still noticeable.


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