iTryathlon Junior Triathlon and Run - August 24, 2013

I want the whole world to know that the next generation of Tridiots has arrived. After being such great sports and working support crew on many races, Ave (7) and Coco (4) finally got to hit the race courses themselves at the iTryathlon in Irvine, California. Ave participated in the Junior Triathlon (ages 7-12), which consisted of a 1/2-mile run, a 2-mile bike, and a 50-meter swim. Um, let's just say that she did awesome. Up against all those 12 year olds, she got 219th place (117th girl) in a chip time of 29:54. She complained that the timing chip was a little heavy. 

Since she is not quite old enough for the triathlon, Coco went ahead and did the 1/2-mile run. Maybe the youngest person in the race, and almost certainly the shortest, she got 11th out of 17 runners. Those little legs moved one half of a mile in a chip time of 5:36. Seriously though, I cannot believe how awesome this is.