Corona del Mar Swim - February 9, 2013

What it looks like during most of the swim.
Look closely and you will see Oscar.

8:00 am swim at Corona del Mar. I believe the consensus on water temperature was in the 55 range. It was nice and calm near the beach, but there was a swell out towards the turnaround. There were extra kelp obstacles today. Bill and Oscar went charging through the arch (can we name it Biscar Arch?) when they thought they were between sets. Then right when they got to the very center of the passageway the biggest wave of the morning went crashing through. Oscar stopped midway through and waved back at me, but there was no way I was going to follow. Harbor Patrol was inspecting buoys on the way back. I did not appreciate the diesel fumes. 


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  1. I didn't realize the GoPro took such good photos. Really, these are all great.