Corona del Mar Swim - December 21, 2013

The jellies came out to greet us for the winter solstice swim at Corona del Mar today. I think most of them were moon jellies (Aurelia labiata), but I'm not positive. It is possible we saw the fried egg jelly (Phacellophera camtschatica), but there was not a great deal of yellow in them. Or they could have been some other species altogether. The water was a balmy 58 degrees reporting on the website and the thermometer attached to the first buoy. I was pretty chilled afterward since I wore my sleeveless wetsuit. Visibility remained quite good this time. Lots and lots of fish. I suspect the California Marine Protected Areas are working there magic. Having swum at Crystal Cove on more or less a weekly basis for several years now, I feel confident saying the number of fish in the area is much higher now than I have ever seen before.

Afterwards, Bill and Oscar went for a run.


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