Seal Beach Swim - January 16, 2014


It was such an excellent morning for a Seal Beach swim that Bob and Oscar did it sans neoprene. Marked appeared to do his usual winter Thursday morning run while the rest of us swam. I walked down the ramp on the north side of pier to meet the group and Oscar was doing laps in the parking lot trying to warm up. The best I could muster was to go sleeveless. Per usual, we went to the end of the pier, the yellow stick buoy, and then to the end of the north jetty. Then we turned around and swam back. Bob and Oscar surprised Dave, Bill, and me by doing the whole thing. Bob said they just never saw the yellow stick buoy so they kept swimming. Not sure how they could have missed it since the water was calm and glassy and the sky was clear. The only things visible in the sky were the setting moon, the rising sun, and a mushroom cloud erupting from a fire up by Glendora. Well done boys.


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  1. You guys need to post the TIME that you swim. Most uninformed people would assume it was late afternoon, by the looks of it. Considering most people don't even get up by the time you guys are getting out of the water, they need to know it's not just cold, it's early!