Wildflower Triathlon - May 3-4, 2014

The Tridiots pulled off another Wildflower weekend. This was a very strange year for the races, since there was basically no water in Lake San Antonio. Both the long and short race courses were altered due to the whole very-little-water thing. We swam two miles away from where we usually would have, which meant that we then had to run to the regular bike transition area. Bob, Dana, Bill, and I did the long course race on Saturday. It was hot. Hot like last year hot, except maybe worse? I, for one, was undertrained given that I did almost none of it after Oceanside due to school work. Still, no excuses. We all finished the long course race and Bill placed third in his age group.

Dave, Larry, Megan, and Mark did the short course race the next day. The guys had a full half hour head start on Megan, but she went hunting for them anyway. She caught Larry and Mark, but couldn't quite catch up with Dave. She went so hard, in fact, that she ran herself straight into the medical tent, where they promptly administered two IV bags to rehydrate her. 


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