Crescent Bay to Crystal Cove Swim - March 2, 2013

We undertook a point-to-point swim from Crescent Bay to Reef Point at Crystal Cove this morning. It was a beautiful day out. The water was a little chilly, but nothing to complain about. There was a lot of gross debris in the water though and that was worth complaining about. I think it had to do with the Santa Ana winds. We saw about a hundred sea lions shortly after starting. Some were on a rock and others were bunched together in the water with their flippers in the air, soaking up the warm sun. They were curious and dove all around us. I do not like being that close when they have their pups. There were several small ones in the bunch.

This is a fun swim because you go by rocky coastline and see cliff-side houses from below. The last point we swam around has several sets of rock outcroppings. Since it was low tide, Dave and I kept seeing sets of waves roll through the shallow area as we approached. Oscar and Bill wanted to shoot through the middle of the rocks though, so we did. After passing the shallowest area (some mussel-covered rocks were just six inches below us) we turned around in time to watch a big set go crunching through where we had just swam. The swells were making whirlpools and exposing the shallow rocks. We were collectively happy to have timed things with a measure of luck. We capped the morning off with Pacific Whey for breakfast. Special thanks to Julie for the shuttle to the start.


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