Santa Monica Beach Jam Half Marathon - March 9, 2013

Recent Tridiot inductee, Missy, ran the Santa Monica Beach Jam Half Marathon today. It was a small event put on by Rocket Racing Productions and run at the same time as a 10-mile and marathon race. The half marathon had 53 runners. Missy placed ninth overall and was the first place female. Only the female Tridiots win races. Her posted time was 1:35:27, but there is some debate about when the official clock was started. Either way it was a PR, likely a result of the excellent chalk messages from her daughters written on the concrete running path.


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  1. Thanks for coming. It was a fun race..whether it was high 1:34 or 1:35, it's my new PR and I'll take it. I like these small races more and more. Loving my new Tridiots sweatshirt too. I feel legit now.