Seal Beach Rough Water 3-Mile Swim - June 22, 2013

It was Ironman Coeur d'Alene weekend up in Idaho and Bill and Doug went to represent the Tridiots. Back on the home front, Oscar and I gave another go at the Seal Beach Rough Water 3-Mile Swim. My thirteen year old niece, Bree, also came out for the race. The 13-14 year old swim of 1,200 yards was not enough for her, so she just went ahead and signed up for the 1-mile swim, in true Tridiot fashion. Truth be told she was bummed that she did not get to do the 3-mile race, but it was her first ever open water swim competition. She did great. Oscar and I had a harder time than last year. There was a healthy current coming from the southeast, which also happens to be the exact direction to which one swims from the north to the south jetties. It was not the worst chop we have swum in, but it came from a funny direction that required sometimes skipping a breath because a there was wave where the air was supposed to be.


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